Cyril started to play the guitar and study the classical violin at the age of ten. Listening to Kiss, Van Halen, Zappa, David Bowie, The Cure, Eugene Ysaye, Paganini, Olivier Messiaen, Bach, Sofia Gubaidulina, Mahavishnu Orchestra and classical Indian raga’s, he soon bought his first 4-track machine to record his very first demo called ´Lotus feet`.
As a teenager he also learned to repair guitars and violins and soon made his first own custom-designed violins.  WWW.VIOLTAR.COM
Around 1988 Cyril started to work with former members of Dutch rock-band “Vandenberg”.  With frontman Bert Heerink and bassplayer Dick Kemper they formed the rock-band “Undercover”.
Nearly two years later, Cyril wrote all the instrumental compositions for the rock trio ‘WCW’ with his brother Jusso on the drums.
WCW made three CD’s of guitar-music extra-vaganza.(“WCW” - “Privilege” - “WordsCommunicationWisdom”).
The third CD “WordsCommunicationWisdom” was released in 1994 with jazz bass-player Stefan Lievestro, and guest-appearance Hans Dulfer on the sax. (very rare but still available see shop!)
The following years Cyril played with female soul-singer Sue Chaloner, and also started writing a complex classical music-suite called “Creatures from the next world”. A clay-animation movie was later added to this really exceptional classical music-piece dedicated to the paintings of father Paul Whistler.
Kissmet was a new concept of Dutch talent “Robby Valentine”. Cyril seemed to share the same artistic way of thinking with this Dutch talent, and therefor it was no surprise they started to work together more often. In 1998 Cyril met  Andreas Kretschmeier, an amazing multi-media wizzard and great musician also.
Andreas made the video-clip of the  fun-rock adventure “Mosquito Bite”.
Several theatrical pieces and music-projects followed, such as some short movies, concerts and also experimental recordings called “Dr Paddo` were realised.
Around 2006 Cyril formed the power/pop band `Transworld`. Strongly influenced  by science-fiction movie ´Star Wars` , ‘Depeche mode’ and  ‘Ziggie Stardust’, the band made their first live-appearance that summer. A CD including the single “Loving you forever” was released. ( check out the mp3 on this web-page ).
As a creative manager of the music-company `WhistlerDynamics` Cyril had much  bigger plans with the band and asked Andreas Kretschmeier to translate this SF story in a short movie-clip. Andreas outrageous 3D artwork, shows the birth of an humanoid, in a futuristic kind of environment called ‘The Transphere”.
Other projects and events such as “Mo”, “Timecapsule” and “The Erewhon” project  followed, and in 2007 `Wonderdrohme´, (a music-theater-event in August, during the SonsbeekTheaterAvenue in Arnhem/ Holland), was taken place for the first time.
The year 2008 Cyril joined  Valentine’s“Androgenius”, the new band of Robby Valentine, and toured all over the country.
In 2009 vocalist Bert Heerink asked Cyril to join his band for a short club-tour.
In 2010 the famous Fender guitar brand, asked Cyril to work for the company.