An annotated  music score, with clues to the whereabouts of a hidden Nazi treasure from the Second World War.
The clues lead to MITTENWALD, a small historical town of violin makers in  Bavaria, Southern Germany.
And that is where the story begins for Cyril Whistler.
Musician, violin maker and composer: his familiarity with the town and its surroundings draw him further and further into the quest, searching for an answer to the riddle posed by the "Marsch Impromptu". unaccounted for..

Book & rockopera
A year long search, with hardly a soul to share his ideas and theories with. To process his thoughts and emotions, Cyril turned to his natural exhaust valve: music. The idea for a rock opera had been playing around in his head for quite some time, and the story of his search provided him with ample material to draw from.
The result: A beautiful book describing the quest and his solution to the mystery of Mittenwald, with the added bonus of a genuine rock opera!

A world premiere story & rockopera