Vviolin V4 Junior-series
The new ground-breaking affordable violin
for students and professionals.
Plays easily, lightweight ergonomic design.
Detachable fretted fingerboard sticker,
which promotes proper finger placement
and makes the instrument much
easier to learn.
An integrated piezo pick-up system
to amplifie the sound in complete balance
throughout the registers.
Ready to plug in any amp!
Having exclusive non-slipping tuners,
the Vviolin is easily and rapitly tuned.
Incl. quality fiber-glass bow & rosin
* Ergonomic V body
* Detachable fretted sticker
* Soft shoulderpads
* Strap
* Integrated piezo-system
* Solid tuners
* Glass fiber bow
* Rosin
Various artists use Violtar instruments: Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion), Rob Winter (Marco Borsato) ,Peter van den Bos (Paul Robbert band and many more)..